The "Tirreno" and "Azzurromare" offers the opportunity to enjoy spa treatments in its typical beautiful garden of the island of Procida, or in a discreet corner of the  solarium sun surrounded by sky and sea.

• BEAUTY TONING MASSAGE (50min duration cost Euro 25.00)
A Manual massage that relax the tension and reduces the sense of heaviness.

• ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE (50min duration cost Euro 35.00)
With "Massage Candle" the fragrance of “light shower” or “Dream of Africa” (using hot butter)  through slow and deep movements influences the body posture and activates circulation, cooling down the body relaxing the mind.

• RELAXING MASSAGE (40min duration cost Euro 20.00)
The relaxant massage focuses mainly on the back, along the spine. The back massage allows  a general relaxation and helps reduce pain and stiffness caused by muscle contractions.

• SPORTS MASSAGE (40min duration Euro 20.00)
It affects all the muscles, stimulating the capillarization of the tissues with a nice moisturizing effect.

MATERNITY MASSAGE (40min duration cost Euro 20.00)
A Relaxing draining massage  for pregnant women.

• Mediterranean massage (50min duration cost Euro 35.00)
An hand-made massage that can be personalized with the combination of various citrus  essential oils.

• Revitalizing massage MINT-EUCALYPTUS (30min duration cost Euro 25.00)
A "fresh" and invigorating massage that relaxes and loosens the muscles of the whole body.

• LEG AND FOOT MASSAGE (25min duration cost Euro 20)
To stimulate the circulation and remove the heaviness.


                                                                                                           PROMOTION PACKAGES

      N ° 2 partial massages lasting 20 minutes cost Euro 30.00 for person
      N°. 1 full body massage
      N°. 1 relaxing face, neck and purifying mask

2. MIX PACKAGE  Euro 58 for person
    N°. 1 Facial Cleansing
    N°. 1 anti-aging face cream
    N°. 1 hand treatment

    N ° 2 total duration 50min massage cost Euro 60,00 for person

4. SPECIAL PACKAGE Euro 73 for person
    N°. 1 face mask
    N°. 1 hand treatment
    N°. 1 pedicure
    N°. 2 body massage



We propose (by qualified personnel only) the following beauty treatments:


Face - Clean (with spray more mask) = € 20
Wrinkle-lifting treatment to 'Hyaluronic acis: revitalizing (face, relaxing and dermoplastificante) = € 40

Treatment-acne and sebum balance dermopurficatore (treatment to 'kojic acid to vitamin C

(schiarante and smoothing) = € 40
-Treatments moisturizing = € 20


Body - Peeling
Reactivating the movement based massage (lymphatic drainage) = 30 minutes € 20
- Treatment legs and belly: reducing mud, mud Firming (40 €)
- Treatment of breast firming and toning mud.
- Paraffin treatment for hands and feet.

Hair removal (waxing)
- Waxing cold disposable roller whole = € 25
- Manicue (10 €) pedicure (15 €) and healing (20 €)
- Paraffin treatment for hands and feet
Mechanical processes (electro)
- Reducing-Firming-Draining
Product Sales professional face and body. Makeup Sal



Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga, based on a series of psychophysical exercises of ancient origins, originated in India’s and Tibet’s initiation schools.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga on body.

The practices of Yoga, as simple and easy, leading to rejuvenation and revitalization of the body, glands, organs and every cell. Yoga invigorates the whole body , harmonizes and regulates the endocrine glands, and improves blood and lymphatic circulation . It improves clearly the physical vitality, and, as you know, where there is  vitality there isn’t depression or discontent, or unhappiness.

About Mind

Yoga fights effectively stress, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, insecurities, difficulties in relationships. it's one of the best way to overcome postpartum depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks, agoraphobia and claustrophobia. Yoga calms and revitalizes at the same time. It gives serenity and calm, self-confidence and optimism, improves sexuality, social relations, the relationship with the other sex and family. Yoga is perhaps the best way to overcome insomnia and in general sleep disorders , its action is natural, no side effects, without addiction or intoxication’s problem.

One Lesson of Hatha Yoga Euro 10.00



At a cost of 30 euros per person you can make a wellness program of the spa "Suite Hotel" (5 stars).
Cost is included in the transition from the "Tirreno" on "suite" in the car return.
The wellness program includes:
-Shower emotional

- Use of indoor pool

- Jacuzzi

- Sauna

- Turkish

- Strain of ice

- Tea.