Azzurromare Residence

Via Salette - Spiaggia di Ciraccio

tel. +39 334.18.70.902

The Residence "Azzurro Mare" itís a small complex placed on the beach of Ciraccio; to alone 3 mt  from the sea and with the small terrace with sea-view. Some rooms have sea-view inside, other only from the terrace.  The room have a small corner cooking, tv satellitare, radio and conditioned air and shower (some also in tub), possibility to your room: expenditure, newspapers, cigarettes, and restaurants. The services and the spaces of the "Tirreno" are to disposition, also if they are not near. Itís a new restructuring structure, therefore, all new and well finished up. 

From the port is possible to arrive at the Residence with the bus and taxi. In the summer from the morning up to the evening it is active our service transfer that covers big part of the island (inclusive other 3 beaches and a site tuffaceous). This structure is perfect to devote all the stay at the relax, near the sea. Quiet is sure. In all the day the structure is exposed to the sun up to the sunset (contrarily in other places of the island) refreshed in the afternoon by the wind of "mistral".

The rooms with sea-view have a surcharge., being also provisions of deprived small terrace and bunks sunsuit (avoiding therefore the expense of the private beach).

The rooms, are created in Mediterranean style.