Hotel Tirreno Residence

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The Hotel

Tirreno Hotel Residence has the same characteristics of the island of Procida, which is sunny and quiet with slow and calm rhythms.

It is located in the green heart of the island, in the charming place named "Faro" (lightouse) which is not far from the port of Marina Grande.

The hotel is just 80 metres away from the sea in a clean and quiet part of the coast, the ideal place for a swimm or  a diving.

Tirreno Hotel Residence is for those who love quiteness and nature,for those who like to lay in the sun and are enchanted by the fine view, looking for a typical mediterranean residence. For people who want to be treated with kindness but without formality.


Tirreno is for people who want the conforts and the service of a hotel and the indipendence of a private residence. ( No time-limits for the re-entry and no-obligation of meal in the residence. You can choose between the two meals of the residence and under different meals)

We don’t recommend Tirreno Residence people who are looking for the typical “city hotel”, who are looking for the luxsurious hotel, who are offended if they are asked to respect the quietness of the island.

The lodgings

Tirreno Hotel Residence is situated in a quiet park with two buildings for the lodgings. All rooms are comfortable and cool in the summer too.

The single-roomed lodgings have a furnished room with 1, 2 or 3 beds, an equipped cooking area, air conditioned ( or fan), heating, private bathroom with shower, TV LCD, phon, frigobar and radio. The two-roomed lodgings have an additional room and can have up to 5 beds.

The single-roomed lodgings have a double bed and are as big as the two-roomed lodgings.


The lodgings have a furnished patio on the courtyard.

There are also mutual courtyards that are shaded with lemon trees.

The external places of Tirreno Residence have been often used for photographic services on the subject “Villas of Mediterranean sea” and they have been used as film sets.


Tirreno Hotel Residence has 3 terraces with a fine view and are furnished with comfortable deck-chairs for the sun.

From the terraces you can have a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples and of the harbour of Marina Grande of Procida.

The terraces allow you to tan without having warm thanks to a breeze cool in the afternoon.

The Garden:

The big garden is furnished with hammocks, couches, tables that make the whole place cool and comfortable.( 3000 mq with prevalence of lemon trees). In the summer evenings the guests of Tirreno Residence can grill with the barbecues in the garden.


Tirreno Hotel Residence is present in the Touring Club Guide in the section ”Hotels of quality with a low price” and it means that in Italy is one of the best Hotels for the connection quality-price.

Tirreno Hotel Residence offers:

a quiet and comfortable place with staff assistance day and night.

Possibility of long or short stay (even just one day or during the week)

Beds-clothes included in the price. Heated rooms in winter.

Service laundry. Satellite-TV, Service security safe free. Major credit cards accepted.

Wi-Fi Internet included in the price , coverage for almost the entire structure. sala tv satellitare, possibility to phone for free abroad.

Board and lodging on request. Close and free parking. In summer transfer service for almost all the beaches on the island.

All the year around open.


The "TIRRENO" is provided with a good selection of wines from Campania.


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